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The Delfonics – La-La (Means I Love You) (HD)

The Defonics – La-La (Means I Love You) (1968) The Delfonics remains one of the pioneering male R&B groups to help define the Philly soul sound. Their big br…

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  • hasam646 7 months ago

    This song will always remain one of my favorites for as long as I live. Love it. Islan Guahan. ’72.

  • Gregory Countee 7 months ago

    He is still here, keep the faith. Best Yet!.

  • RoundThemUp 7 months ago


  • Vicky A 7 months ago

    Leo used to play this song for us. I thought we would be together forever. Then one day he was gone.

  • Johnny Longoria 7 months ago

    That is music. I am glad I lived it.

  • Rick Shant 7 months ago

    Thank you

  • Douglas Bell 7 months ago

    My My My the memories are so sweet…Amen.

  • Gregory Countee 7 months ago

    Good song!.

  • ROBERT FOTI 7 months ago

    1970 in junior high…why can’t they write great songs anymore?

  • Debbie Kelly 7 months ago

    I’m glad it brings joy to u

  • Debbie Kelly 7 months ago

    I love these songs

  • Francis Drake 7 months ago

    Delfon shield sucks lol♡;)

  • Kinseydsp 7 months ago

    We living in those times Lived In the greatest time this country will ever see! Glad I lived then when songs were great Cars were fast and Life was Good!
    Still think back with joy to the time I was driving my 1967 Buick GS 400 4 speed, It was the most exciting and beautiful car I ever owned!

  • Josue Morales 7 months ago

    ihave the saddest memories when I hear this song…I dedicated it to someone special iloved with all my heart and got my heart broken in a million pieces…ijust break down….but this means so much…

  • RoundThemUp 7 months ago


  • darleen0099 7 months ago

    I love my bf

  • bluesmama 7 months ago

    Hi Wendolyn – I know exactly what you mean – and I thank whoever is posting all these great old sounds. I too feel my soul has been fed and great memories have put a smile on my face! Now I need to unpack all those old albums and get them preserved on CD’s!! Have a great day (Pam is my name)

  • RoundThemUp 7 months ago

    MY HOT SUMMER…JULY 23, 2013

  • Donald Iannotti 7 months ago

    all I know is la la la lla la means I love you!

  • Wendolyn Petties 7 months ago

    The good memories from hearing this music is almost more than I can stand. It feeds my soul!

  • NothingLike theRealThing 7 months ago

    GIving me good bumps. This is a truly deep expression of emotion with equally deep coviction . Good music aND the lyrics make you believe it’s the real deal. From the heart. I wanna trust this guy and believe the things he is sayin are tru…. and the way he explains it genuine. La la la la la la la la means I LuV you. Guess it’s sometimes difficult to trust people.

  • Daniel Martinez 7 months ago

    this is a nice song

  • Michael Malley 7 months ago

    They give them away at the animal shelter.POOR BOYS OR WHO’S!!!!!!!!

  • Marjo Laine 7 months ago

    btw ***** Riot is a feminist punk-rock band…you might not like their music or be offended by their name,but let me tell you that they are putting a fight for us humans who own a *****. thank you

  • Outstanding Cruise 7 months ago

    How on the face of this planet can anyone of these 47 people dislike this song about the greatest feeling on earth?I know why!!! they are idiots.

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